The development of calf muscles requires probably the greatest patience and effort from anyone engaged…

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The upper block (or vertical thrust) loads the same array of muscles as pull-ups, which…

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In bodybuilding and fitness, barbell-to-chin traction is performed primarily to work on the mass and…


Probably you should not be reminded of the story, which is repeated from year to…

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Dumbbell bench press is an excellent tool for deep development of the front and to…


elbows slightly


Leg extension – refers to isolated exercises for the development of quadriceps, but the main burden in this exercise falls on the rectus muscle of the thigh. Therefore, performing leg extensions you, first of all, will achieve a clear drawing and separation from the adjacent muscles of the rectus hip muscle.

It is also necessary to note the fact that the development of the rectus muscle will allow you to improve the running and jumping qualities, which means that the extension of the legs is an absolutely necessary element in the training of runners, athletes, football players, basketball players and many other athletes. Continue reading

Abdominal – work on the bugs

Being engaged in the gym, abdominal exercises are traditionally postponed “for later”. At the end of the training, the forces, as a rule, do not remain and the press is postponed “for tomorrow”. So, a beautiful picture of life risks being seriously tarnished by the deplorable state of the muscles of your abdomen. Irregular work on the abdominals – half the problem, the wrong technique and the composition of the exercises – this is a real scourge not only for your appearance, but also for your health. And so that this does not happen, we invite you to familiarize yourself with the basic principles of work on the abdominals.
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Why yoga?

 However, it is impossible to stop, because the prospect of a transition to the 44th size is closer than ever. How to be here? Do yoga!

At first glance, such a proposal looks like a mockery – why add a new item to the sports fitness schedule, which is already cracking with tension? Meanwhile, yoga is necessary as air! The fact is that strength and aerobic training is, after all, a kind of stress. Resisting stress, the body acquires new positive qualities – increases strength and endurance, gets rid of ballast – adipose tissue, and increases muscle mass. However, with the growth of the fitness period, the stress resistance of the training decreases. Respectively falls and recoil exercises. Continue reading