The upper block (or vertical thrust) loads the same array of muscles as pull-ups, which means that in many cases it can serve as an excellent alternative. For example, for…

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Do you believe or not? but it is the push-ups on the uneven bars that load more muscles than the bench press. If you turn to history and return to…

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Bench press above head or chest press is an excellent exercise to increase the volume and strength of the shoulders; it develops the anterior and middle bundles of deltoid muscles,…

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What prevents to do fitness: 5 popular excuses

Excuse number 1: I’m tired

Work, family, dog, traffic jams, queues in shops and standing at the stove … After such feats, you only want to take the pose “on the couch,” and not “dog face down.”

What is the reason? Fatigue occurs due to an incorrectly chosen mode or type of occupation. “Owls” will always clap their sleepy eyes at any morning workout, and the “larks” are not able to actively flap their wings at the evening.

“Intensive classes require a lot of return, since a lot of energy is spent on them,” explains Natalia Avtayeva, head of the Mango fitness club, a certified instructor in 12 types of fitness. Therefore, choose light training like swimming, stretching, body balance, non-intense types of yoga. Engage immediately after work, until the body has had time to tune in to rest and retains the adrenalin vigor of the working day. If you are still tired, avoid repetitive exercises (for example, repetitions on simulators).

Although, any sports activities contribute to the development of endorphins – “the hormone of happiness.” It is worthwhile to sit through “I do not want”, and then you are guaranteed to feel a charge of energy and positive.

Excuse number 2: the gym is far away

We do not like to travel long distances. Especially when it’s raining outside. And when it is hot, frost, wind, gloomy clouds or sticky fog. That is, you see, in our climate, the weather basically leaves no chance of getting to the sport club.

What is the reason? Interfere with the belief that training needs a special place, a lot of time and all sorts of gadgets. Only need an alternative to classes in the club. If you can not get to the fitball, select at least from the house. Half an hour of active walking or 8,000 steps a day is the minimum level of physical activity.

“Effective training can be done at home,” says Natalia Avtayeva. Start with pushups (from the floor or off the table). Continue back push-ups from the chair (they are working out the triceps that are problematic for many). Add squats with different legs (for example, “plies” with legs set wide apart and knees apart) and standard attacks. Do not forget about the “bar”.

Compose a home version of the now fashionable Zumba Fitness. Turn on your favorite music and dance at your pleasure. Move forward and to the sides, shaking your hips, make a shake with your shoulders, arms and buttocks. By the way, to the music at home, you can do any standard movement of aerobics: added steps, overlaps, knee lifting, jumping with leg dilution and everything else.

Excuse number 3: do exercises – boring

You barely pulled yourself to the gym. And then they began to yawn, tormented by longing and counting the minutes until the end of the lesson.

What is the reason? You just chose not to train. Find a kind of fitness that you really like. “Physical activity is better to choose by type of temperament,” says therapist Olga Pronkina.

Choleric people need highly emotional group exercises with intense movements – running, step aerobics, tai-bo. Melancholic, in contrast, tend to calm and measured movement, which helps to collect thoughts (swimming, yoga, Pilates, bicycle). Sanguine people are happy to do any active fitness – dancing, capoeira, aerobics. Phlegmatic, like anyone, fit the exercises on simulators, fitness type bodyflex, based on the correct breathing system, qigong and all types of yoga.

To choose an activity you like, you can try all the programs from your sports club. Most membership cards allow this.

Excuse number 4: I do not see the result

A friend lost weight in three weeks while exercising, and you still can? A colleague has pumped the press for a month, and your “ball” still does not want to transform into four “cubes”? It’s a shame, well, they are these classes!

What is the reason? Most likely, the fact that you incorrectly set a goal and do not understand how to achieve it. Check with your doctor and instructor to formulate adequate expectations from classes. “Weight loss and the development of stretch marks require completely different approaches,” explains Natalia Avtayeva. To get the result, it is important to systematically train without gaps. Be prepared that the first noticeable changes will come no earlier than in 2-3 months of training.

If you constantly puff on dumbbells, and your arm muscles are still flabby, you need to change the type of training. Try to diversify them, combine cardio loads with strength training and stretching. Or change the instructor. By the way, over time, you will have to start working out deeper muscles (for example, with the help of functional training).

Excuse number 5: I do not have time

There is not a single free line in the diary, so how can I enter classes here!

What is the reason? Many people believe that it is necessary to do fitness a lot and often. Review your schedule to find an hour 2-3 times a week. This is enough to develop strength, endurance and flexibility. Just raise their level a little and you will feel more healthy.


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