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The forearms are not the part of the muscles that will fundamentally change your appearance, but it is their strength that not least depends on your progress in the basic exercises, and therefore your volumes. It is the weakness of the forearms that will not allow you to do the last “before refusal” repetitions in the deadlift or bench press. Therefore, so that such a misfortune does not happen to you – pay due attention to work on your forearms. And here, at an opportune moment, such an exercise is useful to you as bending the arms in the wrists.

Arm flexion in the wrists is an excellent exercise for developing the muscles of the inner part of the forearm, which determines the volume and strength of the forearm. Powerful forearms visually increase the volume of the arms, and in addition provide a strong grip for performing basic exercises.

In addition, strong wrists will help you when playing basketball, volleyball, handball, tennis, as well as wrestling and javelin throwing.

Technique of bending the wrists

Technique of the exercise:

1. Take a barbell or dumbbells in both hands, kneel in front of a horizontal bench, so that the forearms lie across the bench, wrists are extended beyond the edge of the bench, and the palms are facing up. Hold the body, elbows and forearms during the exercise. This is the starting position.

2. Now, making exhalation, gently lower the dumbbells (barbell) to the lowest point.

3. Strain the muscles of the forearm and hold your breath; lift the dumbbells smoothly upwards, but not above 60 ° above the horizontal.

It is important:

In the initial position, keep your arms as straight as possible for maximum contraction of your wrist flexor muscles.

Hold the dumbbells (barbell) with a relatively free grip, opening your fingers – this will allow you to fully extend your wrists.

When you can’t do a single full repetition, hold the barbell on your fingers, and squeeze and unclench your fists, which will allow you to work out the remaining unused muscles.