Performing flexion lying fully loads on all the muscles of the back of the thigh, as well as the calf. Given the isolating nature of the exercise, bending the legs…

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One of the tendencies in power sports is one trend: they often may not pay enough attention to such basic exercises as squats or deadlifts, but this never happens with…

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The barbell scars behind the back, like their classic version, primarily affect the muscles of the upper back and neck. Their regular implementation develops primarily the trapezium, as well as,…

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A second of relaxation can lead to serious injury, so that this does not happen with you, you must adhere to these safety rules:

Always warm up. Warming up is a necessary condition for warming up the muscles and preparing the body for the upcoming loads. It is especially important to warm up in cold weather.

Learn the technique of doing the exercises. Each exercise requires a thorough knowledge of the technique of execution, otherwise the results are unlikely to please you, and injuries will become a familiar companion. In this matter, you need to show special patience, and mastering the right technique should be under the guidance of an experienced coach.

Insurance. When fulfilling the approach with a serious weight, ask someone, but rather a permanent partner to insure you. In the future, it will save you from trouble.

Engage, not talk. Hall – a place to train, not a club of interest. Conversations between approaches relax, reduce concentration, and this is a direct path to injury.

Coach selection

trainer in the gym If you are a newcomer to the gym, then you have a direct path to the trainer. It is only he who can teach the basics of training, put the right technique, create a training program, choose a diet and answers to thousands of other emerging issues. Choosing to remember, a good coach is not the one who has the price for individual training going wild, and the whole wall is covered with awards, and not even the one who personally sits in front of you with a barbell of 250 kg, but the one recommended. Often a good coach, did not have any regalia in the past, and the results of his clients speak for themselves.

Training partner

A good training partner will insure you if necessary, point out mistakes, and serve as a stimulating factor. Even better, if you get along well with each other, you have similar goals, you are engaged in the same schedule and similar programs.

On the other hand, you should not choose a partner who misses workouts, but each break between approaches uses to have a free talk on free topics. Believe me, the harm from such a person will be more than good.

Decide on goals and deadlines

After all that you have already done, I will say that this item is the most important. Decide on the goals you want to achieve by training regularly in the gym. Someone, for example, does not like the belly hanging above the belt and he wants to drive a few extra pounds around the waist, the other has a more ambitious and daring goal – to radically redraw his figure. One way or another, you must have a concrete and attainable goal.

The second important point is the need to set a timetable for the implementation of the intended goal. Time constraints have a stimulating effect, a well-known fact: the closer the deadline at work, the higher the productivity of work. Without defining specific dates, few people manage to squeeze the maximum out of themselves. There is a similar principle in training. It often happens that a person goes to the gym regularly, performs the intended amount of work, goes month after month and there are no visible changes. And although there is no visible progress, he calms himself with the thought “I regularly go to the gym, so I do everything I need, which means sooner or later the goal will be achieved.” Such a stagnant situation may take a year, but time constraints change everything. When there is a goal and deadlines for its achievement, the closer the deadline, the more often a person thinks: “why there is no progress, what am I doing wrong?”. Analyzes your lifestyle, training schedule, a set of exercises, diet and other parameters affecting the quality of training. And there are mistakes, and timely adjustments bring it closer to the dream.

Practice wisely, and your patience and perseverance will lead you to success and good fit!

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