Performing flexion lying fully loads on all the muscles of the back of the thigh, as well as the calf. Given the isolating nature of the exercise, bending the legs…

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And most importantly, push-ups from the floor - the champion in unpretentiousness among strength exercises, there is enough of a yard for two meters to fully perform and achieve results.…

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If you belong to the few athletes who regularly perform this exercise in their workouts, then you may be interested in some of the rules that I learned during the…

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10 nice ways to spend 500 kilocalories

Method 1: aqua aerobics (530 kcal for 1 hour with a weight of 70 kg)

Summer is a great time to sit in the near pond (especially if it is not a bath). Forget about difficult exercises and counting approaches. Simply dive into the water and start moving, overcoming its resistance. Walk, run, jump, wave your arms and legs. And to increase the load, you can wear or take flippers in your hands.

Bonus: elastic skin without cellulite, emotional discharge.

What to replace? By swimming. Choose sports styles. The most “fat burning” – butterfly stroke and swimming on the back (10.5 kcal per kilogram of weight per hour of training), then breaststroke (9.8 kcal) and crawl (9.5 kcal).

Method 2: classes in the dance class (500 kcal for 1.5 hours)

Energy costs depend on how vigorously you will shake your hips and other body parts in the dance. However, even a slow waltz burns calories more than a brisk walk.

Bonus: good mood and getting rid of complexes.

What to replace? Dancing in a club or at home. Turn on your favorite music and move around at your pleasure. Rely on instincts. What we, belly dance did not see? Yes, we can even distinguish mambo from tango, thanks to the dance TV show.
Fact: when riding a horse, absolutely all muscles are involved, even those that are damaged.
Method 3: horseback riding

Even if the horse under you is dragged with a slow pace, and you are sitting relaxed on it, 500 kcal will “burn” in 2 hours. Slightly more professional riders spend an average of 1.5 times faster at an average pace.

Bonus: communication with horses (hippotherapy), “massage with warming up” (the temperature of the animal is several degrees higher than human), improved posture and coordination of movements.

What to replace? Active game with a dog or child. Scurry in the park and “well, take it away” burn 4-5 kcal per hour for each kilogram of your weight.

Method 4: step aerobics (500 kcal per 1 hour)

Training with a floor platform are among the most energy-intensive types of aerobics.

Bonus: tightening the buttocks, beautiful outlines of the calf muscles, strengthening the cardiovascular system.

What to replace? An ordinary staircase. American Gina Miller invented step aerobics when recovering from a knee injury. Then she used to practice the porch of her own house. You can also jump or run on the steps of the entrance, dance floor in the park or the stands of the open stadium.
Fact: Cycling has a beneficial effect on vision. The eyes have to constantly change the focal length, assessing the safety of the road, so that the transverse muscles are trained
Method 5: bike ride

The number of calories burned depends on weight and how fast you pedal. With a fairly quiet speed of 8 km / h, the average woman will cope with 500 kcal in 1 hour and 10 minutes. If there is a slide on the way or you have to go around obstacles, you will manage faster.

Bonus: the ability to get somewhere and see new places.

What to replace? Exercise bike. Minus fresh air and beautiful views. But it is possible to regulate the load and not be afraid of rushing by cars and people.

Method 6: sports equipment

If you manage to scroll the hoop for an hour, get rid of 500 kcal. Jumping rope will have less – just some 30-40 minutes (depending on the pace). Fun time on the trampoline will help to spend 42 kcal in 10 minutes.

Bonus: Strengthening the cardiovascular system, leg muscles and abs.

What to replace? More active pursuits to reduce their time. If you dance while you are spinning a hoop, or stand on one leg, the workout can be cut in half.
Fact: tai-bo training combines aerobic and strength training, so at the same time develop endurance and strength
Method 7: tai-bo, martial arts (500 kcal in 45 minutes)

Gone are the days when it was believed that karate, judo and wushu were only for boys. Fitness classes with elements of boxing, many girls are among the favorites.

Bonus: percussion techniques and imitation of a duel release hidden aggression and eliminate accumulated negative emotions.

What to replace? Imitation of the battle under the rhythmic music. Build an opponent from pillows and blankets and make your hands and feet clouded with all your heart. The technique here is not particularly important. The main thing is to connect all the limbs to the case and deliver active blows.

Method 8: capoeira (500 kcal in 45-50 minutes)

The combination of martial art and dance with acrobatic elements is useful and energy-consuming. However, finding a capoeira instructor will unfortunately not be possible everywhere.

Bonus: benefits for the spine and respiratory system, the development of flexibility and speed of reaction.

What to replace? Other unusual martial arts practices. For example, arnis – the technique of the Philippine battle on sticks – will require no less calories than capoeira. And even revitalize the workout rhythmic tapping.

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