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Probably you should not be reminded of the story, which is repeated from year to year in the spring in front of the mirror, with remorse of conscience and further promises. Yes, yes, and yes again – a flat tucked belly does not tolerate half measures and excuses, does not believe false promises, and requires special attention and care. Do you want – if you please work. But then the reward is worth it – right?

I want a flat stomach!

A flat tummy is not just a taut and beautiful part of your body. Well-developed abdominal muscles make the waist thinner, hips – slimmer, and the figure as a whole – more toned and sporty. In many women, even thin-boned and thin by nature, the tummy has an ugly shape, it is very prominent. And that means – it’s not just overweight. It should be noted that the shape of the abdomen depends on the thickness of the fat layer and the state of the muscles of the abdominal wall. The weakness of this muscle group, even in the absence of body fat, leads to the formation of a bulging or sagging abdomen. Therefore, our task will be, firstly, to put in order the abdominal muscles and, secondly, to remove, if you need extra fat from the waist.

Nowadays, the desire to have a flat stomach is very, very popular, therefore, of course, it is exploited for commercial purposes. Recall even the programs on TV – women with beautiful tucked stomachs, sitting in front of the TV in just 5 minutes a day, without any special efforts, achieve stunning success in the field of the figure in general and the stomach in particular. Summary? Do not believe, however, do not force, so – check.

What is the solution? Very simple: you need to understand, a good result requires a good effort, both in life and in our case. It has already been said above that we have two goals – the presence of the muscles proper and the absence of fat on them. With the muscles, as you already guess, you have to work, and with fat – to sweat.

So, doubts away, the decision is made – we want to become the owners of a beautiful and flat stomach. Where do we start?

Flat belly: as it should

But from what:

Power training

Flabby and weak muscles should work, only then they will be fit and beautiful. There are a wide variety of abdominal exercises. By and large, it does not matter which of them you choose, as long as you do them regularly, correctly and fairly intensively. It is not necessary to tinker – gradually it will be easier and easier for you to carry out the chosen program and then it makes sense to change it to a heavier one. This is important, because only with proper load you will progress. The more complex and intensive the load, the more weighty the result. Once you are satisfied with what you see in the mirror – the load level can be left at a constant level, but not dropped. This is the main point – if you quit practicing, you will gradually return to the initial state, because the muscles without a load will lose their shape, and with them your stomach. Of course, this will not happen in one day, and if you have been engaged for a long time and had a good result, then it may take years until you return to the original state. “For the season” or “for life” – you decide.

Aerobics and diets

Having pumped up strong abdominal muscles, you may not solve the task – a flat stomach, because it will be under a large layer of not chocolate. Therefore, on the “pumping” we will not stop and move on to the next equally important task – getting rid of a layer of fat at the waist. There are two variants of its solution: aerobic exercises and diet. In both cases, you solve the problem of disposing of excess calories. That is, you will spend them more than you consume. Either by reducing the amount of food, or by increasing costs – running and other aerobic exercises. Here the main thing to note is a few nuances – the slower the slimmer the more durable the result and the better for health, this applies to diets. Therefore, if possible, give up diets like “lose 5 pounds in 7 days” and do it slowly, trying to eat everything the same as before, just a little less.

And a couple of tips:

do not eat at night
drink more water
more vegetables and fruits in the daily diet
better often and in large quantities than once a day and before the heap
say no to alcohol sweet and flour
Choosing to solve the problem of running. You may “work” will be more than in the case of a diet, but the result will be better, and most importantly with the bonus. The bonus is that while running, the abdominal muscles also work, which means it will be even more fit. Running is the best way to normalize weight, increase overall endurance and improve the performance of your heart, protecting you from problems with it in the future. As in the case of strength training, it is better to run on a regular basis, ideally, to do workouts and jogging as indispensable attributes of life, such as brushing your teeth or washing your head.

Rules of a flat stomach

Here we briefly list the points that are important to pay attention to:
exercise technique. In case of improper technology, such hazards arise: the risk of injury, work “in idle”
quality is better than quantity.